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Maki Beast is a fast and frantic rouge-like that puts a twist on the top-down-shooter formula. Pick up and throw anything you can find at enemies to survive the harsh desert. Each playthrough is unique and creative use of all the weapons at your disposal is essential to victory.

The story follows Maki, a cursed soul wandering the desert in search of a legendary flower that can cure the curse. 

The inspiration for Maki Beast all started with the music video to Fleet Foxes' "The Shrine / An Argument" and then went in all sorts of crazy directions from ideas that filled my head during road trips through the American West, where I live. It's a combination of a whole lot of wacky stuff but I'm really happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it too! If you like the game, please consider supporting through pay-what-you-want. And please leave feedback, I'd love to hear from you!

Design, Programming, and Art by Thomas Keys

Music by Cristián "0Me" D'Agustini (www.cristiandagustini.com)


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Graphics are sometimes too simplified, but the gameplay is very pleasant and interesting, I really enjoyed playing it :з

This game was sick, a bit short but the mechanics made it worth playing. I especially liked using the shield, though it felt a bit op.

Very cool game, I enjoy it. The thing is, I have been looking for games like this, and you made it, very cool.

I'm way happy to hear that! Thanks for playing my game :)

smooth af

Great video! Thanks for covering my game

Made a video


Awesome video! You guys are great

Had a lot of fun playing it and would have loved to have gotten to the next boss but it just started getting a little too crazy even with the power of the multiple fish.

Wow, this game is so unique! I love it

Thanks! I’m glad you like it :)

This worked very well and I will come back to this game in the future I am sure! Great job man! I couldn't win at the first boss and gave up but find my video review below:

35:21 Maki Beast

Thanks a ton! That’s a really cool video

game is cool, i know its new but it would be better if you can change difficulty. love the part when you yeet dead bodies at your enemy

Thanks! Yeah, having a difficulty option would be really awesome, I’ll definitely test that out for future updates.