Changing up the color palette.

After testing it out on a few different computers, I found that the color palette in Don't Shoot Anybody looks pretty muddy on every monitor except for my own. The colors weren't saturated enough and looked like they belonged in a fallout game. The gif on the right is the new palette.

The updated has three major changes to the color. The purples are now much more saturated. The blood's hue was changed to be slightly more pink. The level select screen was probably the ugliest part of the game, so I completely changed most of the colors on it.

There's a beautiful website called Lospec where people post color palettes you can download and use (and if any other websites that it exist I would love to hear about them). A few of the colors came from the Endesga 32 palette that I absolutely love. Here's the link if you're interested:


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22 days ago

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